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Bengali Theatrical Production of “Spectrum of Choice” 2022 | Bonhishikha- unlearn gender

Breaking the gender based societal stereotype via performing arts

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About the Pitch

Submitted By: Bonhishikha- unlearn gender

Name of the Solution: Bengali Theatrical Production of “Spectrum of Choice” 2022

The Pitch in One Sentence:

 Bonhishikha wants to put together a live theatre production with the specific intention to focus on different choices we make in our everyday lives that challenge gender and sexuality norms, and the constraints that we have created around these topics within Bangladesh society.

Partner Organizations for the Project: Mondro, an online story archive

The Initiative in Video:

From Bonhishikha- unlearn gender: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

The Project on Social Media:

Website of the Project:

Summary of the Pitch

Bonhishikha will organise a live theatre production in Bengali to start conversations on gendered experiences, and biases that we face in society everyday.

What specific problem is this initiative trying to solve? 

Unlearning gender, conversations on consent and choice, peace and justice and equitable rights for marginalized communities, diverse gender and minorities.

Details of the Pitched solution

In spite of the impressive strides made in the front of gender equality in Bangladesh, there has not been enough progress in terms of changed social belief systems and attitudes towards diversity, in gender and sexuality related issues, particularly for marginalized communities. In Bonhishikha, we believe that social norms and gender stereotypes hold us back as individuals to express ourselves, to access opportunities and to aspire to our best, true selves. Aiming to change this scenario, and create an accepting and equitable Bangladeshi society, Bonhishikha intends to create more spaces for conversations around rights, reproductive health, choice, tolerance and acceptance for the marginalized communities, diverse gender and minority groups. Bonhishikha is assembling the next live theater production highlighting stories from around Bangladesh who have chosen to challenge the norms and speak out about their experiences, and their hopes in order to have dialogues, and spread awareness.

Impact and Beneficiaries of the Pitched Solution

The shows will be performed twice in places having a seating capacity for 200 people which means 400 people will be directly reached through the show and will be sensitized about social norms and gender stereotypes. Additionally, Bonhishikha will also sell tickets (priced 800 for normal people, and 500tk for students) for the shows, which will be donated to a grassroots organisation working on gender equality and justice. We will also upload the shows in our social media to reach out to secondary audiences.

What city, village and upazilas are this solution impacting?

 The physical theatre show will be done in two areas of Dhaka-one in Dhanmondi area, the other in Gulshan. However the shows are recorded, and videos from the show, are used in capacity building sessions, and gender sensitization sessions in the work that we do in Dhaka, and beyond with multiple organisations, starting from NGOs, to embassies, as well as the private sector, aiming to sustainably use our content for awareness and sensitization.

Which division will this solution be impacting?

  •  Dhaka

What kind of support do you need to take your idea forward?

CSR Funds

how much funds do you need to get started?

BDT 5,00,000 – 10,00,000

About Bonhishikha- unlearn gender

Bonhishikha, as an organization believes in the need to start off dialogues among young Bangladeshis about the roles they play in society. We think it is high time for Dhaka to stop ignoring and escaping from issues which are a critical part of our daily lives, and address them head-on. It is time to recognize the significance of women’s role in our history and their contribution to society. It is time to recognize the everyday biases and disadvantages that girls and women face, regardless of their socioeconomic statuses. Even more importantly, it is time for us as a society to come together and ask ourselves how to change this culture of impunity. It is also time to unlearn the term “gender” as we see it today and realize how it maybe deciphered differently, across cultures and societies. Bonhishikha believes in the ideal world being one where who you look like, how you are treated and what role you play is not determined by the sex organ that you are born with. Thus, we aim to bring people together, facilitate discussions, raise awareness, and promote an impetus for positive change and improvement. We intend to form a united voice of solidarity for the equal treatment of women and men.

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