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The Pitch for Bangladesh Membership establishes your organization as a leader in social impact with direct partnership with CSR teams and experts in Bangladesh:

  • Partner with, and get Funding from Corporates with CSR resources
  • Drive positive changes important to you by by getting help to shape ideas that benefit your community
  • Learn from, and connect with the leading minds in Corporate, Development and Government sectors in Bangladesh



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Eligibility Criteria

NGOs, Volunteer Organizations and Non-Profits

Any NGOs, Volunteer or youth organizations and non-profits, both registered and unregistered, operating in Bangladesh can submit a pitch.

On-Field Experience

At least 6 months of on-field experience on any activity for your organization is required. This experience can be on any activity tacking social problems in your area, not necessarily on your submitted Pitch.

Areas of Activity

The pitches submitted from this site will cover a social issue in any area, division, district, city, upazila or village in Bangladesh. Since the winning pitch will involve yYour organization must have access to, or be involved in activities in the area.

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